Just A Few Things To Do
Walk to the "Castle of Sisal", our colonial era fortress and lighthouse, then walk to our pier.

Have your picture taken at Chichen Itza or visit one of our other famous pyramids.

Walk to our fine local restaurants to find freshly caught seafood cooked to perfection.

Click on the image above to take a Video Tour of Merida, a colonial city of incredible beauty, grace, and charm which boasts all of the most modern conveniences.
Did you know?

Sisal is the Mayan word for clear water.

Sisal was the principal port of Yucatán during the henequen boom and it lent its name to the agave-derived fiber which was shipped through it.

As of November 2013, the federal government is working to return this port to the splendor of centuries past through the development of projects focused on tourism.

As the pirates of long ago discovered, Sisal is not a town to be toyed with – and if a cannon ever falls into the hands of the citizens of Sisal, it stays in Sisal. There’s one on display in the park as proof! Recently, a very large antique cannon was partially unearthed on the property of a local restaurant. Someone called the Navy and they dutifully showed up to take it to Progreso, only to discover that Sisal cannons actually do stay in Sisal – no discussion – not even with the Navy. Let that be a lesson to you – whoever is in possession of the biggest cannon in Sisal wins!

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